Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - Wayne Manor Expansion

Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - Wayne Manor Expansion

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 2-4 players

 60-90 minutes

(Kickstarter Exclusive - Not Available Retail)

This is an expansion and requires a copy of Batman: Gotham City Chronicles to play.


This expansion includes two game boards: Wayne Manor and the Batcave, each of which includes three scenarios. The Batcave is divided into 4 boards to allow players to move into the well-known location under Wayne manor, but also to other buildings, like those created by Batman Inc.

This expansion contains only hero miniatures, like Bruce Wayne, Alfred and his daughter Julia. It also includes ally tiles for use in scenarios, or with the Command skill, and in the Versus expansion. Oh, and there is also a T-Rex!

The Batcave:
This game board is separated in 4 parts, connected by an elevator that splits the moves of the characters and forces players to better coordinate their strategy, either as the heroes or the villain. The Batcave can lead to Wayne manor, or to another location, depending whether the scenario involves one of the auxiliary locations scattered all over Gotham. Not all components are used at the same time in every scenario, which makes for greater replay ability. The Batcave is almost a character of its own and features myriad defences such as bat-robots to ward off would-be intruders.

The T-Rex:
This massive and fierce character is as impressive as you can imagine and is controlled using a double tile. In the comics, it is a mechanised defensive asset, and it doesn’t just look threatening. Any intruder looking to enter the trophy room would be wise to think twice while this prehistoric sentry stands watch. From a game play perspective, it cannot perform any manipulation or thought actions, but its strength and potential to cause mayhem are tremendous.

This character isn't a fighter like the others, but she is a genius hacker and the best tactician in the game. She also comes with a tile of three characters to command. Her allies can be given orders and pushed to perform extra moves.

Bruce's butler is an excellent tactician and support character. Unlike his master Bruce, Alfred will take up arms to defend his loved ones. He may look old, but Alfred Pennyworth is far from feeble.

Armoured Suit Batman:
The Wayne Manor/Batcave expansion features the iconic armour Batman donned to fight off the owls foolish enough to invade his lair. This armoured Batman is the only hero who can make melee attacks using black dice; this means rolling dice with the highest damage potential in the game. But this great potential comes with a measure of risk as there is also a chance you will miss completely. This armour may also causes the villain to think twice before attacking because it possesses the best defence capabilities of all the heroes.

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