Dinosaur Island: Totally Liquid - Kickstarter Extreme Edition

Dinosaur Island: Totally Liquid - Kickstarter Extreme Edition

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 1-5 players

 90-150 minutes

Requires Dinosaur Island to play.

Kickstarter Extreme Edition Exclusives:

  • 5th player upgrade kit
  • Custom water dinosaur meeples
  • Custom dinosaur mini-meeples
  • +1 to all Dinosaur Island custom meeples
  • Megadino meeple
  • Pandasaurus  recipe & meeple!
  • Dino eggs
  • Temporary security & threat tokens
  • Additional plot twists


Dinosaur Island: Totally Liquid adds components needed to play Dinosaur Island with up to five players, in addition to an AI Solo mode.

Adds water dinosaurs to the base game. 

The Blueprint Module gives all players bonus points for following the plans laid out on the card!   

The Park extension gives players a new extension to the boards (Mega Rex, Goat Pen, Dino Petting Zoo), which gives a unique way to score points and unique mechanics to explore separately from all other players.

The Executive Worker gives each player a unique worker to their corporation that acts completely differently from any other worker in the game. 

PR events that create hidden scoring opportunities, and more.

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