Dragonfire: Moonshae Storms

Dragonfire: Moonshae Storms

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2-6 players

60-90 minutes

Requires a copy of Dragonfire to play.


The Moonshae Storms campaign builds off of An Ancient Evil Arises from the base game, as your continuing quest takes you to new lands. A brewing conflict threatens to drown the Moonshae Isles, as lycanthropes and their fomorians allies seek to change the balance of power. Will you tip the tide?

Moonshae Storms is the first Dragonfire Campaign Box. Face encounters from the all-new Mountain environment, and get fully equipped with new Market cards and Magic Items! Also included are eight new Character screens, introducing the Barbarian Character Class, as well as alternative human races: the Folk and Northlanders!

-from BoardGameGeek

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