Dune: Imperium - Deluxe Upgrade Pack

Dune: Imperium - Deluxe Upgrade Pack

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 1-4 players

 60-120 minutes

Requires a copy of Dune Imperium to play.


Enhance your Dune: Imperium experience with the Deluxe Upgrade Pack! This cosmetic expansion upgrades the components of the base game for a more immersive experience. The contents come in an oversized box with plastic storage trays that store the whole game (including sleeved cards).

Dispatch cunning agents to further your plans. Send loyal troops into battle on Arrakis. Employ the Mentat to outsmart your rivals. Claim the Alliances of the most powerful factions in the Imperium. With 65 beautifully sculpted miniatures figures and a hefty coin to bestow upon the first player, your game will be fit for an Emperor.

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