Snowdonia - Deluxe Master Set

Snowdonia - Deluxe Master Set

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 1-5 players

 30-90 minutes

Deluxe Master Set:

  • Snowdonia base game
  • 1 Deluxe game box
  • Custom game insert with transparent lids
  • 12 Scenario expansions
  • 1 new scenario expansion - The Bluebell Line
  • 52 custom wooden meeples - The Bluebell Line
  • Upgraded game board
  • 1 Cloth bag
  • 1 deluxe 1st player train token
  • 15 custom wooden worker meeples
  • 5 custom wooden surveyor meeples 
  • 80 upgraded player markers
  • 72 resource & event cubes
  • 90 rubble cubes
  • 18 wooden bars
  • 16 weather discs
  • 1 full colour score pad
  • 10 custom wooden markers
  • 26 Promo


Snowdonia is a competitive or solitaire worker placement game, lovingly crafted around the idea of building railways in Wales, and – with multiple other scenarios – around the world.

Snowdonia: Deluxe Master Set contains the Snowdonia base game as well as all previously released promo cards and scenarios, along with five new scenarios: The Bluebell Railway, The China/Tibet Railway, The Mount Hakone Electric Railway, The Wye Valley Tourer and The Malta Railway. This set also includes an automa designed by David Turczi.

The peaks of Snowdonia rise before you, encased in mist, their summits barely visible. The highest is Snowdon (Wyddfa) herself at 1,085 metres. The year is 1894, and the Snowdon Mountain Tramroad and Hotels Company Limited has been formed to build a branch line from Llanberis to the summit. You can scarcely believe it's possible!

In Snowdonia players represent work gangs providing labour for the construction of the Snowdon Mountain Railway. Unlike other train games you will have to excavate your way up a mountain side, as well as make and lay the track, construct viaducts and stations. All this in competition with the weather of the Welsh mountains (and the game itself)!

You may be assisted by a train (though that's not always best) and you'll be able to collect essential materials from the Stock Yard. You will obtain special work contracts that give you bonuses.

Can you contribute more than the other players to the magnificence of the Snowdon Mountain Railway?

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