The Board Game Book: Volume 1

The Board Game Book: Volume 1

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Released in 2019, The Board Game Book: Volume 1 covers both classical gaming titles and popular releases of 2018.

At the heart of the book you'll find more than 100 carefully crafted critical write-ups of the year's best games, from fast-playing party hits to brain-melting strategic challenges.

Rather than mechanical details, we'll focus on how games feel: the decisions they throw at players, the atmosphere they foster around the table, and how their creators have melded ideas and influences to create compelling gameplay experiences.

Book contents:

  • An indispensable guide to the year's best games
  • Behind-the-scenes interviews with the industry's most talented designers
  • Stunning full-colour photography of every featured game
  • Dedicated chapters on family games, party games, strategy games and more
  • RPG and miniature wargames coverage from expert authors
  • More than 250 pages and 120,000 words of original games journalism from contributors to The Guardian, Tabletop Gaming Magazine, IGN, Ars Technica, VICE, Geek & Sundry, and Shut Up & Sit Down

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