The Faceless - Kickstarter Edition

The Faceless - Kickstarter Edition

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 2-4 players

 30-45 minutes

Kickstarter Edition Exclusives:

  • Compass Holder
  • Compass Artwork
  • 8 Servants of Billygoat Miniatures
  • Ethan's Diary
  • Backer Glass Token


Ethan is missing. All that is left is a small piece of paper and an old compass that vibrates with strange energy. By reading his diary, Ethan's best friends — the "Elm Street clan" — start uncovering the creepy mystery: a fearsome creature that has kidnapped children for centuries to feed off their memories who has now taken its next victim. But by striking out into the Duskworld, the creature's den, the kids will have a chance to retrieve Ethan's memories and bring him back into the real world.

The Faceless is a full cooperative experience with a never-seen-before mechanism: You indirectly move a compass by moving and rotating the double-sided miniatures on the game board. By playing cards from your hand, you can rotate and move these miniatures and, since they have all a magnet inside, you change the magnetic field they generate, thus influencing the direction of the compass needle. After playing a card, the compass moves in the direction indicated by its needle, but after every movement, the direction of the needle can potentially change, forcing you to move in new directions. Learning to control and predict these movements is vital to success in the Duskworld!

Collect all the memory fragments that are scattered in the game board to save Ethan and win the game! But watch out for Billygoat, an evil creature that's haunting you and that will try to entrap you in the Duskworld forever. Are you ready to descend?

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