Tragedy Looper - Cosmic Evil

Tragedy Looper - Cosmic Evil

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 2-4 players

 120 mintues

This is an expansion for Tragedy Looper.


This second expansion set for the international version of Tragedy Looper contains one new Basic Tragedy Script, and nine scripts that take on two new Tragedy Sets: Prime Evil and Cosmic Mythology. In Prime Evil, experience a classic horror movie setting, chased by werewolves and vampires, while in Cosmic Mythology, gain access to ancient magic left over from an ancient time. It also contains four new characters: Teacher, Soldier, New Student and Cat, and variant versions of the characters Police Officer and Informer.

The two tragedy sets in this expansion are equivalent to the Japanese original two expansions Haunted Stage and Weird Mythology. However, the original "Haunted Stage" from 2012 was for this re-release much re-vamped, and saw many changes of plots, roles and incidents.

-from BoardGameGeek

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