Viticulture - Essentials Edition

Viticulture - Essentials Edition

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 1-6 players

 45-90 minutes


In Viticulture, the players find themselves in the roles of people in rustic, pre-modern Tuscany who have inherited meager vineyards. They have a few plots of land, an old crushpad, a tiny cellar, and 3 workers...and the dream of owning the best winery in Italy.

Your workers and visitors complete various tasks throughout the year. Each season is different on a vineyard, so the workers have different tasks they can take care of in the summer and winter. There’s competition over those tasks, and often the first worker to arrive at each one has an advantage over the rest.

Using those workers and visitors, you can expand your vineyard by building structures, planting vines, and filling wine orders as you work towards the goal of owning the most successful winery in Tuscany.

Viticulture - Essential Edition comes with everything in Viticulture and adds some of the expansions from the Tuscany expansion, including 36 Mama & Papa cards, Field cards, expanded/revised Visitors, and 24 Automa cards (solo variant).

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