Cerebria: The Inside World - Kickstarter Origin Edition

Cerebria: The Inside World - Kickstarter Origin Edition

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 1-6 players

 70-160 minutes

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Kickstarter Origin Edition:

  • Cerebria base game
  • All unlocked stretch goals
  • 2 custom-designed Emotion booklets
  • 8 Spirit miniatures 55-60 mm (Non-painted)
  • Solo and Co-op Mode
  • Plastic tray insert
  • Spot UV on main board
  • Upgraded components
  • Forces of Balance - module (third Identity: 5-6 player mode, alternative 3 player mode)
  • 2 extra Spirits of Balance double-sided player boards
  • 2 extra Spirits of Balance miniatures 55-60 mm (Non-painted)


Cerebria is a team-based area control game for 1-6 players, set in a person's mind re-imagined as a vibrant fantasy world.

Players assume the role of Spirits, followers of the Inside World's two opposing forces, Bliss and Gloom, with the goal of shaping Cerebria's Identity to their image. For that purpose, they have been granted power over the Emotions, Cerebria's denizens: they can invoke, move, empower and evolve Emotions to influence and control Cerebria's Realms and Frontiers.

Cerebria's state is in constant flux until a Spirit triggers a Revelation - these are key moments in the game when the current game state is evaluated and is preserved as a permanent Bliss or Gloom fragment on the Identity.

Cerebria is a deep and highly customizable game full of player interaction, where timing and cooperation with your teammate are essential to victory.

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