Dice Settlers - Kickstarter Deluxe Edition

Dice Settlers - Kickstarter Deluxe Edition

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 1-4 players

 45-60 minutes

Deluxe Edition exclusive:

  • All the standard edition components, plus;
  • 48 upgraded realistic resource tokens
  • 80 cubes upgrades to detailed plastic tents 
  • 20 wooden houses upgraded to detailed plastic houses
  • VP chits upgraded to plastic tokens


With a piece of land to call your own, a handful of resources, a few families and a head full of dreams you embark on a journey of a lifetime. Beyond lies the New World full of opportunities to make your dreams of a new home a reality. But beware, other settlers have come here as well, and although their beginnings are as humble as yours, each of them will want to influence these new lands as much as you. Will you become the most powerful?

Dice Settlers is a civilization dice game of pool building, resource gathering and area control. Each turn players reach into their bags of dice, roll and choose their own actions: from exploring new lands and building the board, through gathering resources and trading, to developing technologies which offer new abilities, each player chooses their own path to victory.

A changing board, a set of different technologies every time you play, and a vast array of available strategies await!

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