Doomsday Bots - Kickstarter Retail Edition

Doomsday Bots - Kickstarter Retail Edition

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 2-4 players

 30-60 minutes


Doomsday Bots is a 2-4 player competitive board game that brings together elements of card drafting, dungeon running and player-vs-player combat. You and your fellow Mad Geniuses must scrounge for parts and assemble the best Bot you can, then race each other to the top of the Boss’s Clock Tower. Work together or go it alone to defeat the Boss, but only one can escape to victory with the highly coveted Boss Loot!

The game is set in a Steampunk Post-Apocalyptic world where all that has survived are Mad Geniuses and a virtually endless supply of moddable Bots! These Geniuses have got it into their head that they can do the End of the World better than the last guy. But there are less rare components left from the pre-apocalypse than there are inventors competing for them. So you’d better strap on your Goggles and enter the fray. If anyone’s going to end the world again, it’s you!

Seize the Doomsday!

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