Kami-sama - Kickstater Kami Edition
Kami-sama - Kickstater Kami Edition
Kami-sama - Kickstater Kami Edition

Kami-sama - Kickstater Kami Edition

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 2-4 players

 60-90 minutes


  • Kami-sama base game
  • Spirit Way Expansion
  • The Awakened Expansion


A gentle breeze. The soothing sounds of a gently flowing river. The glow of the moon. A bountiful harvest. Basic human emotions such as fear and rage. Even death. They all have an unseen force guiding them. And while these forces work together to make the world what it is, they each aspire for influence over those who believe in them.

Kami-sama is a beautiful and intuitive strategy game set in rural Japan during the Edo period. Two to four players will assume the roles of Kami, the spirits of the land. Using a combination of asymmetrical player powers, area control, set collection, pattern building, and light card drafting, players will work to balance their Favor with the people and their connection to Nature in order to be crowned Kami-sama, the chief deity of the land.

The Spirit Way expansion introduces four new kami

  • Daikono, the kami of radishes
  • Kari, the kami of the hunt
  • Kitakori, the kami of ice
  • Yuma, the kami of dreams

These kami introduce new interactive strategies through their unique abilities. Additionally, the Spirit Way expansion includes the Merchant villager, one copy per villager deck, as well as the kami-specific components below.

The Awakened expansion adds:

Ushin, the kami of music
  • Ushin, the kami of music
  • Jikan, the kami of travel
  • Unbu, the kami of luck
  • Eshi, the kami of love
  • Matchi, the kami of green tea
  • Himitsu, the kami of secrets
  • Kaitomoshi, the kami of lanterns
  • Ishikawa, the kami of frogs
  • New villager the Miko 
  • New villager the Settler
  • Kamidana variant with 4 new shrines & goals

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